#Contact us: We are looking forward to hearing from you
For general business inquiries and opportunities, or inquiries regarding our software, apps and services, feel free to contact Vladimir Milicev, CEO at
Customer support is free. If you want to hire Mr. Milicev as a professional consultant, the hourly price is 50 USD.
#Blue2Digital for the common man
Ever since 2008, VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. has been dedicated to developing and giving rise to widely recognized, authentic and viable business platforms based on innovative and industrially applicable solutions.
#Small business, high fidelity
We strongly disagree with those who believe that small businesses have nothing to offer and that all we can do is serve corporations, quite the contrary.
Everything presented on this site has been conceived, architected and programmed by Vladimir Milicev, whose picture you can see and whose voice you can hear on the audio recording. Most of your questions will be directed to him.
Feel free to download the official audio business card of Mr. Milicev created by our own Biz2Card platform.
When you get in touch with us, you know exactly who you're talking to, and that's our big advantage over other companies.
#Company details
Company name: VIDYPS 79 d.o.o.
Registered office address: Mite Ruzica 46a, 11000 Belgrade
Country of incorporation: Republic of Serbia (Europe)
Registration number: 20449535
Year of incorporation: 2008