#Get introduced to DCCT: Pave the way for digital chip card technology solutions
#What is DCCT?
Digital Chip Card Technology, or DCCT for short, represents a set of innovative solutions implementated in security protocols and e-business systems that gravitate towards preserving privacy, confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data and protecting against misuse.
#What is the flywheel of digital chip card technology?
At the heart of the DCCT ecosystem lies a digital asset, up to 1MB in size, with an integrated virtual chip. This is called a digital chip card.
The "processor" of the virtual chip is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), while the "memory units" are occupied by files, metadata, security tokens and information carriers.
#AI for the future of communications
Each card with a virtual chip contains metadata related to the content and content owner (name, title, description) and optionally, a file of any type (no larger than 1MB) attached to the card.
Security tokens, consisting of a hash code, an IP address, a public key, and a timestamp, are held responsible for verifying the authenticity and integrity of the data stored on the card.
The transmission of data between devices at a short distance from each other, or over a network, is enabled by a unique sequence of numbers representing the information carrier. Generated by AI algorithms, the carrier provides cryptographic encryption of the transmitted data and prevents it from being modified, lost or corrupted along the way. See more...