Digital Audio Watermarking

Get a noiseless digital watermark embedded in your audio file as its globally unique identifier and copyright protection tool
* Applicable to all audio file formats
Digital Audio Watermarking - Get a noiseless digital watermark embedded in your audio file as its globally unique identifier and copyright protection tool
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* The file title will not be publicly available. The file description (e.g. author's name, bio, copyright notice, social media links etc.) will be publicly available.
* Free watermarked demos will be removed from the database 24 hours after submission. It is one file only available for a free demo submission.
IMPORTANT: Audio files longer than 40 seconds only will be considered for watermarking!
* Audio files that you stamp by using our watermarking tool are available for further distribution to all digital platforms, music stores, audio streaming services (e.g. Google Play, Spotify etc.) and online marketplaces.
Digital audio watermarking is a process of establishing a direct connection between the users of a work in digital audio file format and the copyright owner(s) of that work. The watermark data is physically embedded in the audio file forming an integral part of the whole. Being solid enough not to be affected by normal changes to the file, the digital watermark is unobtrusive, inaudible and noiseless. The existence of the bits representing the digital fingerprint can only be confirmed by the use of complex mathematical calculations.
Digital watermarks play a double role. On the one hand, they help us determine the authenticity of digital files being sold, bought, listened to, or reviewed. On the other hand, digital watermarks provide copyright protection for intellectual property in a digital world and give users access to publicly available information about the copyrighted work (detailed description, copyright notice, social media links...). This metadata is entered by the copyright holder himself or another individual or legal entity authorized by the author of the work.
The stamped audio file may later change its format, bit rate, bit depth, can be cropped or edited, but the stamp remains recognizable and usable preserving the hidden data related to the original file. This is an almost ideal recipe for digital file sealing and is a huge advantage of the watermarking tool we have designed.
You may wish to test the watermarking tool before you start submitting regular audio files. If this is the case, please tick the "I WANT TO SEND A FREE DEMO" box. You can upload one free demo only and its availability has a time limit of 24 hours. There is no time limit or any other limits set on regular audio submissions.
For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please also visit our step-by-step guide on how to add a watermark to your image, audio, video, animated GIF or PDF file.
It is very important that some kind of public verification process for the audio files you have with us is enabled. Each audio that you watermark is therefore accompanied by a certificate of ownership containing a cryptographic digital signature to ensure data integrity. Signing the data with a digital signature allows anyone to verify the identity/authentication of the copyright owner of the stamped file.
Other than having the original watermarked audio file itself, you must also have the following information to verify one's digital signature:
  • The public key used to sign the data (available HERE)
  • The digital signature (it is different for every file and is available on the certificate of ownership's cover)
  • The hash algorithm used for data signing is MD5
Finally, in order to check whether one's certificate of ownership is valid or not, please visit THIS PAGE.
The licensor of the web tool for watermarking audio files requires paying a fee to grant a license under intellectual property laws to authorize a use to its licensee. Registration is required.
Verifying one's digital signature or certificate of ownership is free to use. No registration is required.
If any questions, feel free to send us a message.
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