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YT Remote : Watch YouTube videos on your computer or Smart TV

Or any other device by using our remote control app on your mobile
  • YT Remote is a web app designed to remotely control YouTube videos from your smartphone or tablet while playing them in full screen mode on a computer or Smart TV
  • It works in all web browsers, all operating systems and on all devices
  • It allows you to turn your device into a remote control and manage YouTube videos by using our YT Remote video player
  • By enabling wireless control you'll no longer have a use for cables and adapters to connect your smartphone to your PC or TV
  • It's more than just mirroring your Android or iOS device to your TV
  • No new installation or additional disk space is required on the client device for the app to be used
  • Search for YouTube videos on your smartphone, iPad or tablet while watching other videos on your computer or Smart TV
  • Play videos one at a time or create a playlist, with complete control over what you see on the TV screen
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