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#Digital products for the real world
Ever since 2008, VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. has been focused on research and development of tangible and real digital products capable of solving technical problems. Our company is widely recognized for the authentic and workable solutions it provides.
#Design and configure state-of-the-art data management projects
We have established our image by relying on robust tools for creating authentic digital assets, controlling wireless and online data transmission, digitally signing, watermarking and encrypting files and storing them on durable and reliable media beyond the reach of cyber-attacks.
Leveraging blockchain technology, advancing artificial intelligence, protecting digital copyrights, securing the flow of financial transactions and cryptocurrency exchanges, researching binaural therapy, etc. are some of our specialties.
#The guiding light to a safer digital ecosystem
Our company introduces apps and services that value your privacy and guarantee the credibility of the way your content is collected, processed, stored or shared.
Laying the foundation of a foolproof security system to safeguard your personal and business data is one of our key achievements. See more...