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Digital content watermarking, broadcasting software, multimedia processing, copyright protection and social responsibility
Blue2Digital introduces digital content watermarking, broadcasting software, multimedia processing, copyright protection and social responsibility
Blue2Digital introduces digital content watermarking, broadcasting software, multimedia processing, copyright protection and social responsibility
In 2012, Blue2Digital was founded by our company VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. and launched as a highly successful digital music distribution service.
Throughout the period 2012-2015, Blue2Digital operated as a music distribution service with the aim of connecting its clients with multiple digital music platforms by enabling artists and labels to upload songs to digital audio stores and streaming services and/or music videos to digital streaming services.
Blue2Digital has now highly expanded its business spectrum by implementing new digital technologies and adding new services. Besides our audio and video encoding, spectral analysis and data management web apps and tools, we are particularly proud and delighted to present our digital watermarking software and online service supposed to pave the way for protecting your intellectual property in the digital world and determining the authenticity of a copyrighted work. This software enables you to get an invisible, inaudible and unobtrusive watermark embedded in your file as its globally unique identifier and copyright protection tool. Each photo, audio, video, GIF or PDF file with a digital fingerprint is accompanied by a certificate of ownership that contains a cryptographic digital signature to ensure data integrity.
VIDYPS is our broadcasting software for live streaming directly to end users or through the most popular live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or Periscope. This software stands for a complete solution for use on both Mac or PC and helps you build up your own branded live stream.
We have developed a range of apps to help you create your own digital signature, digitally sign a file, verify a digital signature and generate an RSA key pair with a digital certificate. You can also create your own electronic signature and eSign images, photographs, or PDF documents from any device, from anywhere and at any time.
Both electronic and digital signatures are built into digital business cards created with our software tool. All information, including that about you or your company, your photo, CV, audio or video presentation, is stored in a single file available for sharing and download. Additionally, our software utilizes a search engine enabling you to connect with other digital card users in your business area, who you share the same business interests with.
We would rather stay fully focused on business, but as a socially responsible company we must also address the issue that has not been solved since 2015. In April 2015, we began receiving royalty reports that did not reflect the actual number of views we could count on Millions of video views were missing and we refused to send such false reports over to our clients. We thereafter terminated most of our distribution deals. We couldn't guarantee that the sales reports would be genuine anymore and we didn't want to put either ourselves or our clients into a risk of getting fooled or robbed again.
Our company and its clients have suffered both material and non-material damage due to illegal activities of the scammers such as the companies that should have been all shut down and individuals, who should have been put behind bars and banned from the music industry for a lifetime (screenshots and documents can be found HERE). They are still at large grinning cheerfully on social networks and hanging around as music managers, directors, lawyers, consultants, gurus, or fake musicians instead. We must not let them get away with it, because it is too much damage they done so far and too much trouble they are likely to cause in the future.
We are now striving to get the issue finally resolved and looking forward to the upcoming high-tech projects even more.
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// Available as a GIF or video file, including the information about your business profile stored in a QR code, your electronically hand-drawn signature, a digital signature and a certificate of ownership //
// VIDYPS is the complete solution for building your own live streaming platform //
// A perfect way to ensure the integrity of the message being sent or the file being shared and to ensure the authenticity of the sender of the message //
// Get an unobtrusive, invisible and noiseless digital watermark embedded in your file as its globally unique identifier and copyright protection tool //
// Draw a handwritten e-signature online with a transparent background on your phone, tablet or computer //
// Manage YouTube videos on your Smart TV or computer using your smartphone or tablet //
QR Code Encoder/Decoder
// Storing data within a barcode image is an easy and secure way to provide a potential customer with accurate information about a digital product //
// Submit a video and convert it to grayscale or black and white video, create an animated GIF image online, trim a video file, extract audio from video, extract video only, extract images, add watermark to video, or create a thumbnail //
// Read a PDF file from any desktop or mobile device, from anywhere and at any time //
// Compare two files online by measuring the similarity and computing the normalized cross-correlation //
.:: Introduction: Scammers in the music industry
// Meet some famous and well-respected companies and brands and obscure individuals associated with them who you should avoid to work with //
.:: Why did VEVO actually shut down its on-demand video streaming website and apps?
// Instead of becoming a modern music video service, Vevo has run into some serious, still unresolved legal issues due to a lack of technical skills and greed for money //
.:: Should we expect the Government to address issues related to one's fraudulent activity?
// "It falls outside our purview, please consider consulting with an attorney" seems to be the only advice we can get //
.:: Merlin Network - Are they intent on taking the control of the flow of revenues shared between the music platforms, indie artists and labels??
// It was in demand that all the agreements and payments for the digital music sales be made through Merlin //
.:: Meet the guys from New York who fabricate invoices, court decisions, official corporate, federal, state and court documents
// How to deceive incautious people with numerous misrepresentations, fraudulent actions and submission of forged, falsified and altered documents //
.:: Meet the New York based company suspected of unauthorized use of around 1,000 music videos on Vevo
// In October 2015 an obscure company from New York, incorrectly presented as an 'independent distribution company', illegally and secretly came into possession of around 1,000 music videos originally distributed by Blue2Digital to Vevo and YouTube //
.:: Copyright infringement committed by Vevo LLC, MarvMent LLC and John De'Bey a.k.a. Sean Thurman
// Despite extensive documentation filed against the infringers, they have remained mostly out of reach of the United States authorities //
.:: Meet the guys from New York suspected of misinforming their clients on the actual status of resellers indirectly distributing videos to Vevo, submission of incorrect information and making promises about guaranteed numbers of views during the period 2014-2015
// When somebody offers you a strategy needed to level up your career, you must not fall for seducing tales about leverage and success promised to achieve if you just pay a certain fee in advance //
.:: How a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group used to treat its clients
// Why it is necessary to have more than one elite music video platform available //
.:: The mystery of a letter allegedly written by a New York law firm partner in October 2015
// A respectable New York lawyer remains speechless when supposed to respond to inquiries they find inconvenient or unsuitable //
.:: Complaint against TD Bank related to approving a wire transfer fraud
// In December 2015 two payments totalling $43,490 were initiated to a fake company allegedly owned by a TD Bank's client //
.:: Complaint against JPMorgan Chase Bank related to approving a wire transfer fraud
// JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. was under an obligation to confirm whether the bank account holder was legally bound to the beneficiary customer or not prior to approving the wire transfer //
.:: PicRights Ltd. and Law Firm of Higbee & Associates seeking enormously high damages for imagery allegedly being the subject of dispute
// Providing no valid evidence and demanding that the money be paid immediately and unconditionally imply walking on thin ice of copyright trolling, which is likely to eventually result in reporting a cyber crime fraud //
.:: Meet the first Assamese singer who faked tens of millions of views on Vevo
// A musician from India is suspected of fabricating tens of millions of video views on Vevo and YouTube during the period May 2014 – July 2015, including but not limited to forgery, criminal breach of trust and cheating //
.:: Is it possible to report cybercrime in India or not?
// Is the Law fully enforceable even to those who take photos with the Chief Ministers? //
.:: A letter to Blue2Digital clients regarding the issue with Vevo
// We are presenting the results of our investigation on the issue that has not been solved since 2015 //
.:: Then and now: The reasons why you should not send your video to Vevo anymore
// And neither you should create a Vevo channel nor promote your music on its platform //
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