Digital audio and video watermarking, music promotion and distribution
In 2012 Blue2Digital was founded by our company VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. and launched as a highly successful digital music distribution service.
During the period 2012-2015 Blue2Digital acted as a distribution service on a link between its clients and the music stores by enabling artists and labels to upload songs to digital audio stores and streaming services and/or music videos to digital streaming services.
In April 2015 we started receiving royalty reports that did not reflect the actual number of views we could count on Millions of video views were missing and we refused to send such doctored reports over to our clients. We thereafter terminated most of our distribution deals. We couldn't guarantee that the sales reports would be genuine anymore and we didn't want to put either ourselves or our clients into a risk of getting fooled or robbed again.
Blue2Digital has now highly expanded its business spectrum by implementing new digital technologies and adding new services. But just as well, we must not let the guys, who should have been put behind bars and banned from the music business for a lifetime, be still at large grinning cheerfully on social networks and hanging around as music managers, directors, lawyers, consultants, gurus, or fake musicians. It is too much damage they have caused so far and too much trouble they are likely to cause in the future.
Digital watermarking software tools supposed to pave the way for an ultimate audio and video copyright protection are coming soon...
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