#Digitally sign a file, or verify a digital signature using digital chip card technology
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#About Digital Chip Card Locker
When a file is shared online via email or messaging apps between friends or business partners, how do we know if it's really from the person we think it is? How can we verify the authenticity of that file? And how can we confirm that the file we received wasn't intercepted and modified somewhere along the way?
An applicable solution lies in the use of Digital Chip Card Locker, or "DCCL" for short. Digital Chip Card Locker is a simple and reliable tool for digitally signing and authenticating images, audio and video recordings, PDF documents, animated GIFs and other files. You don't need any prior knowledge or licensed equipment to use it.
#How it works
With a digital signature that is virtually attached to the file, we know exactly who signed the file and when it was signed. Such a file is uniquely tagged and can be identified and tracked online. It cannot be forged or altered, as modified files can no longer be verified.
The DCCL algorithm is perfect for implementation in security protocols and e-business systems that gravitate towards preserving authenticity and integrity of data and preventing their misuse. See more...