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Download VIDYPS for your Mac or PC

VIDYPS is the complete solution for building your own live streaming platform
* VIDYPS is safe to use and free of any viruses, malware or spyware. You'll be required to enter your username and password, which you'll get once you create your account and subscribed. After installing the application, please review the license agreements that apply to the terms of use. By using this software owned by VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. you consent with each of these agreements. Please check the VIDYPS License Agreement before you start using it. Click HERE to create your account.
VIDYPS turns your Mac or PC into a broadcast quality video server enabling you to:
  • stream a playlist
  • capture video from your screen
  • use a camera and microphone to stream video
VIDYPS allows direct to disk recording and using a branded logo to overlay the video stream. You can stream video to an unlimited number of users. The only limitation may be the capacity of your network. You do not need to have any special technical skills to operate this software. The live stream app is easy to use and the broadcast server/encoder is easy to set up - you just need to follow the instructions when you start using it.
VIDYPS allows the program you broadcast to reach every user, to work in all operating systems and on all desktop and mobile devices. We offer three types of players to watch live videos, depending on the device used:
1. RTMP Live Stream Player for Windows >> DOWNLOAD HERE
2. RTMP Live Stream Player for Mac OS >> DOWNLOAD HERE
3. Live Stream FLV Player as a web app for all desktop and mobile devices >> OPEN THE PLAYER
Additionally, video content streamed using VIDYPS can also be played on various cross-platform multimedia players such as VLC player.
* All players are available for free, except that for an FLV player you need to have your own domain (eg. and a valid SSL certificate (eg. For more information, please review the frequently asked questions.
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