Documents forged and falsified by John Guerrier De'Bey a.k.a. Sean Larvonde Thurman

John Guerrier De'Bey a.k.a. Sean Larvonde Thurman a.k.a. Sean L. Thurman a.k.a. Sean Thurman a.k.a. Sean Guerrier De'Bey a.k.a. John De'Bey (74 W 92nd St, 17D, New York, New York 10025, United States), his wife Sylfronia King a.k.a. Sylfronia King-De'Bey a.k.a. Sylfronia De'Bey a.k.a. Rebecca White and his mother-in-law, Dorothea Oliver-King are directly suspected of numerous misrepresentations, fraudulent actions and submission of forged, falsified and altered documents, including but not limited to official corporate, federal, state and court documents, documents issued by the Internal Revenue Service, the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada and NY County Clerk, alleged court decisions, falsified stock purchase agreement, fabricated invoices for alleged license fees, tax payments and accounting fees, as well as various fictitious services by fictitious attorneys.
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