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Music videos distributed by Blue2Digital

Removed from Vevo by Vevo itself in May 2015
Vevo was an on-demand advertising supported video streaming service, owned and financed by a few major labels, including Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Blue2Digital used to be one of the most popular independent services for distributing videos to Vevo and YouTube, all until Vevo had decided to take down thousands of videos distributed by our company without any prior notice, warning or explanation.
The very most of our clients (artists) whose videos were taken down from Vevo were registered in the United States.
Furthermore, some time later around 1,000 videos were illegally reinstated and financially abused by a New York based business entity called MarvMent LLC. Having been caught in the act, Vevo and MarvMent had to remove the videos (again), but presumptuously denied to reimburse our company and its clients in any way.
Thus we have decided to gather some of the videos together and make them run on our own server by building up our own streaming technology:
* IMPORTANT: Blue2Digital Music TV is not a commercial website and it is not a broadcasting station either. Its only purpose is to present some of extraordinary Blue2Digital clients and show their excellence to the world. Unfortunately, Vevo and its supporters did not recognize the quality and showed no respect to the artists, their work and effort they had made. Any other intent to use or misuse Blue2Digital Music TV and this website as a whole is considered inadmissible.
.:: Introduction: Scammers in the music industry
.:: Why did VEVO actually shut down its on-demand video streaming website and apps?
.:: Should we expect the Government to address issues related to one's fraudulent activity?
.:: Meet the guys from New York who fabricate invoices, court decisions, official corporate, federal, state and court documents
.:: Meet the New York based company suspected of unauthorized use of around 1,000 music videos on Vevo
.:: Copyright infringement committed by Vevo LLC, MarvMent LLC and John De'Bey a.k.a. Sean Thurman
.:: Merlin Network - Are they intent on taking the control of the flow of revenues shared between the music platforms, indie artists and labels?
.:: Meet the guys from New York suspected of misinforming their clients on the actual status of resellers indirectly distributing videos to Vevo, submission of incorrect information and making promises about guaranteed numbers of views during the period 2014-2015
.:: How a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group used to treat its clients
.:: The mystery of a letter allegedly written by a New York law firm partner in October 2015
.:: Complaint against TD Bank related to approving a wire transfer fraud
.:: Complaint against JPMorgan Chase Bank related to approving a wire transfer fraud
.:: PicRights Ltd. and Law Firm of Higbee & Associates seeking enormously high damages for imagery allegedly being the subject of dispute
.:: Meet the first Assamese singer who faked tens of millions of views on Vevo
.:: Is it possible to report cybercrime in India or not?
.:: A letter to Blue2Digital clients regarding the issue with Vevo
.:: Then and now: The reasons why you should not send your video to Vevo anymore
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