What it looks like to report cybercrime in India

Is the Law fully enforceable even to those who take photos with the Chief Ministers?
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VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. is a software development company from the Republic of Serbia (Europe). Throughout the period 2012-2015 our company acted as a music distribution service on a link between its clients and the music stores by enabling artists and labels to upload songs to digital audio stores and streaming services and/or music videos to digital streaming services.
In 2012 VIDYPS 79 launched Blue2Digital. It was one of the most popular independent services for distributing videos to Vevo, an on demand advertising supported video streaming service owned and financed by a few major labels including Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.
On June 18th, 2013 Pranab Jyoti Hazarika a.k.a. Axl Hazarika (VILL/TOWN KAINADHARA PS BASISTHA, SUB DIVN GUWAHATI, OPP. KHANAPARA OVER BRIDGE, GUWAHATI 781022, ASSAM, INDIA) signed up for Blue2Digital's music and video distribution service having accepted the Digital Music Distribution Agreement. Our company thus became an official distributor of videos submitted by Axl Hazarika and his label for publishing on YouTube and Vevo.
Unfortunately, due to his criminal activities, including (but not limited to) cybercrime repeatedly committed over the period of May 2014 – July 2015, Pranab Jyoti Hazarika a.k.a. Axl Hazarika was suspected of fabricating tens of millions of video views on Vevo and YouTube.
The damage made to VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. and its clients as caused by Mr. Hazarika's criminal activities exceeds $200,000 and the total damage exceeds $350,000.
Pranab Jyoti Hazarika a.k.a. Axl Hazarika: he is the one in the middle, with his brother and sister on his right and on his left, respectively
* Pranab Jyoti Hazarika a.k.a. Axl Hazarika: he is the one in the middle, with his brother and sister on his right and on his left, respectively (Photo: Facebook)
Other than that, Hazarika forged an Affidavit he was required to sign and get notarized - he lied about his name, about his age and above all, he modified the content having translated it to Assamese. Every effort we made to reach an agreement with him and settle the matter was arrogantly ignored. We had no other choice but hire a lawyer firm from New Delhi and hope for the best. And this is where I came across my first disillusion.
My company's engagement of this law firm headed by Heena Sharma and her family was a complete failure. Heena Sharma was supposed to "file criminal complaint against the accused (Axl Hazarika) for forgery, criminal breach of trust, cheating and filing a civil suit in the court for damages". It turned out that all she did was writing one email which she sent to the Police of the State of Assam. Eventually I realized that the case was sabotaged and that Ms. Heena's procrastination helped Axl Hazarika prepare his strategy.
It is very inconvenient for you to suspect your lawyer colluding with the other side, isn't it?
Heena Sharma was kindly asked to return the money for fulfilling no obligations, but she ingnored the request. This is her website:
and her page on LinkedIn:
My advice is that you should give it a wide berth.
The cybercrime complaint was submitted to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and other cyber crime cells all over India as well as to the Chief Minister of Assam, Mr. Sarbananda Sonowal and the Police of the State of Assam a couple of times starting August 2017.
Despite presenting strong evidences and exposing all necessary documents, the CBI and the Police of the State of Assam stubbornly decline to open an investigation and arrest Axl Hazarika.
Before becoming aware of what he was actually doing, my company had already sent a payment to Hazarika's bank account based on revenues generated on his videos on Vevo and YouTube. We didn't know about Hazarika's fraudulent activities, so we paid him thousands of dollars by January 2015.
Having the money in his pocket, it is no coincidence that some time later this man started representing himself as highly influential and politically connected in Assam. He got involved in launching "the largest digital Archive of Northeast India and Jyoti Chitraban Hall of Fame" as shown below. This is one of his posing for a photographer with the Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal:
The criminal complaint about Axl Hazarika reported to the Assam Police is obviously not a matter of the Chief Minister of Assam (India) Sarbananda Sonowal's concern
* Axl Hazarika and Ms. Amrita Sonowal meet "honourable Chief Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal Sir to discuss the initiative of kickstarting the Startup Assam Scheme"; the criminal complaint about Axl Hazarika reported to the Assam Police is obviously not a matter of Sarbananda Sonowal's concern (Photo: Facebook)
After all, it was no surprise for me to receive this email from the CBI via speou9del@cbi.gov.in:
Dear Sir,
It is to inform you that CBI has not taken any action on your compliant. You are requested to register the complaint with the local police in your country.
CBI Cyber Cell
Let us assume that the email is authentic. The Central Bureau of Investigation officially confirmed to have refused to take any action against Axl Hazarika. The fact that it falls within the jurisdiction of the State of Assam and India in its entirety was obviously irrelevant to the premier investigating agency of India. Is it because of Hazarika's political relationships, or because of thousands of dollars he had come into possession, or is it something else? I highly doubt that an individual lacking the money and connections with the Indian Govt would have the same treatment.
The message that the Indian authorities are sending goes like this: "You can commit any international crime, just make sure to take some friendly photos with your local Chief Minister in the meantime, so our Police don't get confused and pick you up by mistake".
It goes without saying that no Govt in the world would ever give a suggestion of this kind. Yet in practice, this was my personal and my company's experience with the Indian Govt, its agencies, legal authorities and lawyers. My advice to those who wish to invest in India: think twice before you start doing any business in there. We advise the same when it comes to dealing with global indeterminate business entities.
As for myself, I am not going to think about it at all. Not till I see that the Law is fully enforceable to all without exception.
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