Digital audio and video watermarking, music promotion and distribution
In 2012 Blue2Digital was founded by our company VIDYPS 79 d.o.o. and launched as a highly successful digital music distribution service.
Throughout the period 2012-2015 Blue2Digital acted as a distribution service on a link between its clients and the music stores by enabling artists and labels to upload songs to digital audio stores and streaming services and/or music videos to digital streaming services.
In April 2015 we started receiving royalty reports that did not reflect the actual number of views we could count on Millions of video views were missing and we refused to send such doctored reports over to our clients. We thereafter terminated most of our distribution deals. We couldn't guarantee that the sales reports would be genuine anymore and we didn't want to put either ourselves or our clients into a risk of getting fooled or robbed again.
Blue2Digital has now highly expanded its business spectrum by implementing new digital technologies and adding new services. We are delighted and proud to announce that our digital watermarking software tools supposed to pave the way for an ultimate audio and video copyright protection are coming soon.
We'd prefer to stay completely focused on the business, but we still have to deal with the issue left unresolved since 2015. Our company and its clients have suffered both material and non-material damage thanks to the companies that should have been all shut down and the guys, who should have been put behind bars and banned from the music industry for a lifetime. They are still at large instead grinning cheerfully on social networks and hanging around as music managers, directors, lawyers, consultants, gurus, or fake musicians. We must let them get away with it, because it is too much damage they have caused so far and too much trouble they are likely to cause in the future.
We are now striving to get the issue finally resolved and looking forward to the upcoming high technology projects even more.
>> Introduction: Scammers in the music business
// Meet some famous and well-respected companies and brands and more or less anonymous individuals associated with them who you should avoid to work with //
>> Why did VEVO actually shut down its on demand video streaming website and apps
// Facts collected together for your reference and analysis //
>> Merlin Network - Is there an intention to control the flow of revenues shared between the music platforms, indie artists and labels??
// It was in demand that all the agreements and payments for the digital music sales be made through Merlin //
>> Meet the guys from New York who fabricate invoices, court decisions, official corporate, federal, state and court documents
// How to deceive incautious people with numerous misrepresentations, fraudulent actions and submission of forged, falsified and altered documents //
>> Meet the New York based company suspected of an unauthorized publishing around 1,000 music videos on Vevo
// In October 2015, MarvMent LLC, incorrectly presented as an 'independent distribution company', illegally and secretly came into possession of around 1,000 music videos on Vevo previously distributed by another company //
>> Meet the guys from New York suspected of misinforming their clients on the actual status of resellers indirectly distributing videos to Vevo, submission of incorrect information and making promises about guaranteed numbers of views during the period 2014-2015
// When somebody offers you a strategy needed to level up your career, you must not fall for seducing tales about leverage and success promised to achieve if you just pay a certain fee in advance //
>> The mystery of a letter allegedly written by a New York law firm partner in October 2015
// A respectable New York lawyer remains speechless when supposed to respond to inconvenient questions //
>> Complaint against TD Bank for approving a wire transfer fraud
// In December 2015 two payments totalling $43,490 were initiated to a fake company allegedly registered and owned by a TD Bank's client //
>> Complaint against JPMorgan Chase Bank for approving a wire transfer fraud
// JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. was under an obligation to confirm whether the bank account holder was legally bound to the beneficiary customer or not prior to approving the wire transfer //
>> Meet the first Assamese singer who faked tens of millions of views on Vevo
// A musician from India is suspected of fabricating tens of millions of video views on Vevo and YouTube during the period May 2014 – July 2015, including but not limited to forgery, criminal breach of trust and cheating //
>> Is it possible to report cybercrime in India or not?
// Is the Law fully enforceable even to those who take photos with the Chief Ministers? //
>> A letter to Blue2Digital clients
// The results of our investigation on the VEVO issue dating back to 2015 //
>> Then and now: We present the reasons why you should not send your video to Vevo anymore
// And neither you should create a Vevo channel nor promote your music on its platform //
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